Linio Biotech is a Finnish biotechnology start-up committed to developing novel human tissue-based solutions that significantly improve people's lives suffering from skin defects.

Our mission is to pioneer transformative solutions in skin regeneration and repairing skin defects for improved life quality. We are driven by bringing innovations from lab to market and creating unique value-add for our customers.

We are currently in the clinical trial stage and designing our first commercial product.
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Our story

What if the skin could be helped to restore itself?

Linio Biotech's story started at Tampere University. That's where our founders were inspired by the possibilities of a cell-free tissue product in skin regeneration. Our innovation is based on over a decade of research.

Today, we are in active collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology - our R&D laboratory is also located at the university.

Driven by scientific curiosity and an inkling that there is a way to make skin tissue restore itself has inspired our research ever since. As a result, we founded Linio Biotech in 2017.

Linio Biotech is owned by its founders and a group of private investors.
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