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The skin is our protecting shield

A life well-lived comes with joys and sorrows that leave traces on our skin: scratches on our knees as we learn to walk, acne scars from our teenage years, pregnancy stretch marks, wounds from accidents and surgery scars. Skin is a vital shield protecting the body from the outside world.

This important shield is challenged by external factors such as injuries, burns and surgical operations often resulting in scar tissue that does not retain the same functional capabilities as healthy skin and can be chronically painful or sensitive. Over a 100 million patients acquire scars from the surgery every year, and millions more suffer from acute wounds caused by injuries and burns.

Skin defects significantly affect quality of life and can pose a substantial physical and social handicap for millions of people. That is why we at Linio Biotech are focusing on skin and subcutaneous tissue regeneration.
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Our proprietary innovation represents novel advanced cell-free technology. The tissue product is classified by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea and contains a wide variety of different bioactive molecules to induce skin rejuvenation as well as scar and wound healing. The tissue product actively assists the patient’s own healing process by providing a local microenvironment for tissue regeneration. The innovation has many potential end uses that we are looking to commercialise.

We have proven our innovation's impressive healing power on first patients and will have more results from a large safety trial later this year.
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Our story

What if the skin could be helped to restore itself in a natural way?

Our story starts with the urge to explore how cell-free tissue products can help restore skin and solve significant medical problems.

Our founders were inspired by the possibilities of a tissue product in skin regeneration and have done research on different ways to use it for over 20 years.

Driven by scientific curiosity and an inkling that there is a way to make skin tissue restore itself has inspired our research ever since. We founded Linio Biotech in 2017.

The core team has world-class experience in cell biology, bioengineering, biomaterials, health care management and strategy. We are in clinical trial stage and bioengineering our first commercial product.
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