Skin is a vital shield protecting the body from the outside world.

Skin is challenged by external factors such as injuries, burns, and surgical operations, often resulting in scar tissue that does not retain the same functional capabilities as healthy skin and can be chronically painful or sensitive. Over 100 million patients acquire scars from surgeries every year, and millions more suffer from acute wounds caused by injuries and burns.

Our innovation is a cell-free allogenic protein-rich tissue product. It represents unique and novel advanced cell-free tissue technology. The tissue product mimics the natural healing process of the human body by inducing neovascularization and repair of different soft tissue layers at the injury area, leading to optimal tissue healing.

Our product is intended for skin restoration and soft tissue repair, e.g., scar repair, skin rejuvenation, and wound treatment. It replaces and fills extracellular matrix deficiencies in soft tissue defects and supports soft tissue and skin reformation. The product is based on patented technology.

The safety and efficacy of the product have been tested preclinically and clinically with over a dozen patients with effective results in soft tissue restoration, e.g., skin rejuvenation, scar repair, and wound healing.

The innovation has several potential end-uses that we are aiming to commercialize.
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Tissue establishment

Linio Biotech has a Fimea authorized tissue establishment as a subsidiary. To ensure the quality and safety of our tissue products, they are manufactured under the European Tissues and Cells Directive (2004/23/EC), which is related to implementing Directives and national regulations.

The tissue donors are screened for viral infections.
  • Linio’s products are manufactured in a clean room in GMP facilities.
  • The production process is patented.
  • Our tissue product is for professional use only.
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