First Product: Tience® – Skin Reborn.

Tience is a breakthrough innovation that treats skin defects and reverses signs of aging. It is a ready-to-use injectable tissue product that helps skin naturally regenerate itself by accelerating the body’s own healing process. Tience treatments are for skin defects such as unwanted scars, fine lines, and wrinkles in aging skin.

Core technology

As a result of more than two decades of research, Linio Biotech has developed world’s first technology that utilizes the incredible versatility and ability of adipose tissue to regenerate skin and soft tissue.

The unique technology stimulates natural regeneration and healing process of soft tissue by providing the optimal microenvironment for natural tissue regeneration.

The ultimate potential of the internationally patented core technology is limitless and can be used in multiple indications and treatment areas.

The core technology is a sterile, ready-to-use product intended for healthcare professionals only. It is currently commercially available to professionals in Finland and Sweden.

The first research-based indications are skin regeneration and treatment of scars and aged or damaged skin.

Proven product safety

Ensuring and proving safety are the cornerstones of all Linio Biotech operations. An extensive long-term safety study carried out with highest safety standards and with generally accepted guidelines such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), was completed in February 2023. No allergies, sensitization reactions or other adverse events have been observed or reported in preclinical or clinical studies.

­­­Solid science

Years of cutting-edge academic research predate the patented core technology. The research of the efficacy of the core technology has been published several peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals. The core technology and manufacturing methods are internationally patented. Further on-going R&D and clinical studies support the development of future innovative products.

Linio Biotech is in active collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology of the University of Tampere and has its R&D laboratory located at the university.