Driven by scientific curiosity

The story of Linio Biotech started at Tampere University in 2005. That is when the two founders, Professor in cell biology Timo Ylikomi and PhD in cell biology Riina Uusmies, were inspired by the wide possibilities of adipose tissue.

Driven by scientific curiosity, Professor Ylikomi's initial findings convinced Riina Uusmies to focus her research on the tissue environment. The thesis resulted in a revolutionary discovery when Uusmies and Ylikomi invented a new way for skin to regenerate itself.

"We managed to make the defected human tissue heal itself. We realized this technology is something completely novel and has enormous potential," Uusmies says.

In addition to the significant scientific findings, both Ylikomi and Uusmies wanted to impact people's lives by inventing a product that could recreate healthier and better-functioning skin.

They founded Linio Biotech in 2017 after proving the critical foundational concepts behind the core technology. After more than a decade of research and development, a sterile cell-free product with limitless potential for tissue regeneration is a reality.

The company

Linio Biotech is a biotechnology platform company dedicated to developing novel solutions that significantly improve the lives of people suffering from skin defects and aged skin. World’s first cell-free sterile tissue product for tissue regeneration is a result of more than a decade of research and development and will challenge the market for regenerative tissue treatments. A driven and competent international team is committed to taking this new core technology to the global market.


Linio Biotech has two offices in Finland: Helsinki and Tampere.


Linio Biotech’s headquarters in Helsinki are in the beautiful Punavuori district.

Linio Biotech Oy

Tehtaankatu 27-29 A


Tissue establishment

All Linio Biotech products are manufactured in Finland. Linio Biotech is a pioneer in adipose tissue engineering with its own tissue establishment facility since 2021.

Linio Biotech Oy

Finn-Medi 5, Biokatu 12



The start of university research related to adipose tissue at Tampere University

PhD study – Engineering vascularized soft tissue.

Linio Biotech is founded.

PhD study – Adipose tissue extract improves wound healing.

Linio Biotech receives seed funding of 4,1M€ from private investors.

FIMEA grants Linio Biotech a tissue establishment license.

Safety study conducted by Terveystalo Clinical Research

The Terveystalo Safety study is completed successfully

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